We extract information from your data so that you can make confident business decisions. A few examples...


fraud detection: machine learning

Using advanced techniques like self-organized neural networks on account usage data associated with fraudulent transactions, we were able to identify patterns that predicted future fraud cases within preset ranges of probability. This project at a large online financial services company enabled reduction in nuisance calls to genuine customers while providing the desired protection from fraud.  

customer segmentation: clustering

Innovative customer segmentation models have to be developed periodically to keep pace with changes in product interaction across global markets. The mainstay of all segmentation models are clustering algorithms with correlative analysis that can provide a directional sense to product management or direct marketing groups within large consumer-centric enterprises. Our team has plenty of experience in this specific area.

social network analysis: graph traversal

With the explosion of interest in social media analysis, most companies are building in-house expertise in Sentiment and Theme extraction from social conversations. However, the impact of the analysis requires a fundamental understanding of the network of participants in the social platform and their influence over an audience that has any connection to the company's product. We specialize in this sort of analysis using technologies like Neo4J for rapid graph traversal thereby measuring impact of the sentiment or theme.

geo-spatial and time-series analytics

We have experience with geospatial and temporal data analysis where event-location or event-timing is encoded in the data - whether geographical or image-based, collocated or globally dispersed. We have employed several techniques to collect such data and detect patterns that are relevant to business operations. 

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